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  • BTC 34.867,62
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Secure Bitcoin Wallet: TREZOR

14 Haziran 2017
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What is USB bitcoin wallet? What is a hardware bitcoin wallet? What is Trezor? Hardware Bitcoin wallet. Getting a secure bitcoin wallet, physical bitcoin wallet. Trezor review..

TREZOR is a hardware Bitcoin wallet launched by Satoshi Lab in 2013.

The main purpose of the wallet is to store user private keys in a secure environment and to make them ready for use on demand. Despite having a lot of hardware Bitcoin purses like this on the market, TREZOR is the most globally sold and least complaining Bitcoin wallet ever.

TREZOR already has a huge fan base, thanks to user comments and crypto money ecosystem. TREZOR, who takes precautions against any kind of malicious intrusion and even if the used computers are not protected by anti-virus programs, does not compromise security, free shipping is being sent to all over the world.

Another feature of TREZOR is its ease of use. No need to be a crypto specialist to use a tremor, anyone can easily install and use the device, and the device can run on Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems.