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CoinTurk is a news and research portal constantly updated with the latest news, research articles, columns, price data analyses and reports in the fields of Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies. It was founded in March 2014.

Bitcoin Advertising – Crypto Currency Promoting

Our advantages are listed below:

  • Our area of expertise is only the cryptocurrency ecosystem,
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  • The most visited website in Turkey,
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  • Our Alexa ranking is approximate 80k.
  • Our organic followers: Twitter 19,2k – Instagram: 10,9k – Facebook 5,7k – Telegram 1,1k

Virgin Area: Turkey

  • Turkey is one of emerging markets in cryptocurrency,
  • Average daily trading volume is at between $50.000.000 – $100.000.000 in Turkish exchanges, please see: coin-turk.com/piyasalar
  • Turkey is ranked as the 5th all around the world in terms of user activities in Bitcointalk.org,
  • Interest in Bitcoin and the number of investments in Turkey increase everyday.

Please see the article examples about “Bitcoin in Turkey” on world media:

The highest percent of crypto ownership is reported in Turkey.

As can also be understood from above links, Turkey has lots of advantages for your company and your ICO. As CoinTurk, we want to introduce your company to Bitcoin users in Turkey through our Turkish articles and banners. We have promoted many ICOs, and our customers raised millions dollars since 2014. In that sense, we respectfully submitted the advertisement options for you to consider.

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4. Banner Areas:

5. Sticky Banner (Only Mobile)When the users come to CoinTurk from a mobile device the sticky banner appears at the bottom of the screen. This banner will be displayed at every page. Size is 320×50

6. Middle of Content on Mobil (Only Mobile): Middle of content banner. Size is 360×120, it will be displayed every single page (news, articles etc.)

Please contact us for advertising: iletisim@coin-turk.com

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