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Would you like to promote your company in the best website related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrency of Turkey?

CoinTurk is a news and research portal constantly updated with the latest news, research articles, columns, price data analyses and reports in the fields of Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies. It was founded in March 2014.

Our advantages are listed below:

  • Our area of expertise is only the cryptocurrency ecosystem,
  • Qualitfied, new & updated contents,
  • The most visited website in Turkey,
  • A great majority of Bitcoin users in Turkey visit CoinTurk everyday,
  • All CoinTurk’s readers include also Bitcoin users, and 68% of our readers trade at least 10 Bitcoins in a one-year period,
  • 30,000 visitors per day,
  • Alexa ranking is 70.

Virgin Area, Turkey:

  • Turkey is one of emerging markets in cryptocurrency,
  • Average daily trading volume is 7500 BTCs in Turkish exchange companies,
  • Turkey is ranked as the 5th all around the world in terms of user activities in Bitcointalk.org,
  • Interest in Bitcoin and the number of investments in Turkey increase everyday.

Please see the article examples about “Bitcoin in Turkey” on world media:

As can also be understood from above links, Turkey has lots of advantages for your company. As CoinTurk, we want to introduce your company to Bitcoin users in Turkey through our Turkish articles and banners. In that sense, we respectfully submitted the advertisement options for you to consider.

1. Sponsored Story (Review Article)

This kind of article includes a detailed text about your company and your website links, videos and images (up to 500 words). And sponsored story will be posted on our social media accounts. In addition, sponsored story is very effective in terms of your site SEO. For example: http://coin-turk.com/k/sponsorlumakale

2. Press Release

We can translate and publish your press releases in Turkish (up to 250 words). It includes your links.

3. Exclusive Interview

We can interview with your CEO or Director and publish the interview as an article on CoinTurk.

4. Website Translation to Turkish

We can translate your websites to Turkish.

5. Popup

When the users enter Cointurk, every visitor sees your banner on homepage and every article pages uppermost. It will be shown at every turn. Popup size is 970×250

6. Banners 

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 Please contact us: iletisim@coin-turk.com

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